Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why do I need unique content for my website?

Every business is customer-centric. It’s essential to have fresh and unique content on your business websites and blogs that’ll relate to your customers and audience.

Our writers are skilled and trained to create fresh and engaging content that portrays your brand’s voice and is relevant to your audience.

Moreover, an informative, creative, and unique content helps search engines such as Google recognize your website and blog as trustworthy, which in turn helps improve your website’s ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

2.Do you provide SEO content?

Yes, we have been providing effective SEO content for over eight years. In fact, SEO agencies and businesses from around the world have been availing our services for high-quality, search engine optimized as well as humanizing content.

Our interactive process and keenness to create SEO as well as audience-focused content enables you to specify keywords you wish to add in your content copy. Thus, the writer will incorporate suggested keywords organically throughout your content.

3.What happens if I don’t like the content?

Our writers make sure to follow your instructions and suggestions while writing content. In case, you aren’t happy with the content the writer has created; you can ask for the revisions as per the rounds agreed in the quotation. We will go the extra mile to write copy which satisfies you.

4.Do you offer to proofread?

We do offer to proofread. Once the writer has created the content, our editor edits and proofreads the copy to make sure the content is error-free and up to the mark. We also provide stand-alone proofreading services for the content provided by you.

5. How do you check if the content is unique?

Before we send you your created copy, the content is scanned using Copyscape. This premium tool is approved by Google to ensure the content is 100% unique.

Copyscape takes your content and runs an extensive scan on the entire internet to ensure there’s no duplication or plagiarism anywhere on the web.

6. How will the writer know what to include in my content?

Your instructions and suggestions direct the writers and give a brief idea of what they need to cover throughout the content. Moreover, the writers do more research about the topic, services, or a niche they need to write about to make sure the content is informative, relevant, and up to date.

If you have a style guide or any references, you can share it with us to get the writer on the right track.

7. How much time will it take for the writer to create content?

Content delivery depends on the length, complexity, client specifications and research essential to create content. You have full control to set the deadline for your content orders. The writers will make sure your content is completed within the given time.

8. What type of content do you offer?

Almost any type of content you may need to grow your business! This includes website content, blog posts and articles, press releases, product reviews, social media content and email newsletters, whitepapers, and ebooks, and more.